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Welcome to BMC

  BMC is a up-and-coming group of companies with business activities spread in Media Industry, Financial Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry. Our passion to understand and excel in the business activities; and our knack of believing in innovative business and exploring new horizons has helped us to grow at a fast pace. In a short span of time we have done many �firsts� in our markets with considerable success with the blessing of God. We believe in creating mutually beneficial partnership to harness the business complexities and to provide our clients a satisfying experience. Our profitable and growing relationship with Reuters Media, Black Magic Design, Dubai Gold Exchange NIFT is the testimony to our commitment to our partners and to our customers. Our Partners benefit from our local knowledge and understanding of the market minutiae. We take queue from their vast experience in the international arena and business acumen. Our future objective is to expand and foster further relationship with world leading companies in the areas of our business interest, and to provide state of the art products and solutions to our regional customers.

Welcome to our world !

Faysal Abdullah
Our Broadcast Partner
Our Financial Partner