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Pharmaceutical Industry

We provide one of the most comprehensive SMS based CRM system for the Pharmaceutical Companies. The System allows the CEOs, Directors, Head of Sales to monitor the performance of their field force on real time basis. The modular structure of the software allows us to customize the requirement as per the hierarchical structure of the Organization .

Following are the modules available for the product:

  • Medical Representative activity Management system
  • Business Development activity management system
  • Merchandiser Activity management system

Our HR Philosophy:

  • Consider human asset - the only asset � which appreciates with the passage of time
  • Right person at the right place
  • Continuously re-align organization in line with contemporary business practices
  • Make Organization lean and flexible to become more responsive
  • Handle HR issues with all fairness and transparency

Employee Recognition:

Recognition To boost the morale of employees a reward and recognition scheme is in place for the last few years and has been a great source of creating a spirit of healthy competition amongst employees. Each year employees are nominated for two company-wide ceremonies viz

- "Shaukat Raza Mirza Management Excellence Award" and "PSO Managing Director�s Performance Award"
It acknowledges exceptional, smart and beyond the call of duty performance.

Motivation Survey:

Special efforts for continuously enriching our business systems and implementing relative strategies have always been fruitful which are aimed at augmenting a work culture that enhances employee motivation as well as gaining a better understanding of forces that shapes motivation, attitude, behavior patterns and expectations.

Employee Motivation surveys are conducted that recognize the needs, opinions, concerns and perceptions of our human capital about the organization and what they value in terms of professional and personal interests and incentives. Keeping a human element is mind these surveys help identify a meaningful employee relationship with the organizational objectives and understand their job responsibilities and work expectations.


  • An assortment of forums/meetings at hand (Executive Committee, Management Committee, Employee Leadership Team) inspire discipline and accelerate establishment of processes & systems
  • Encourage team work & group dynamics while inculcating a sense of ownership through empowered Cross Functional Teams (CFTs)
  • Employ Business Process Reengineering (BPR) to maintain an international working environment by streamlining processes and removing unnecessary layers
  • Interactive sessions are regularly held by the Managing Director at all levels because clear, coherent and consistent messages ensure that employees are able to integrate the inputs into their thinking
  • All organizational changes are announced

Zero Tolerance:

We have high ethical standards and a �Business Principles and Ethics Policy� in place. We value, encourage and inculcate corporate reforms, good governance, best business practices and an environment of continued adherence to �Zero Tolerance�, resulting in the development of our human capital and meeting all business challenges.