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At Pixel Power we're dedicated to the goal of continually improving our customers' graphics experience. Whatever the scale or complexity of your system, we want to ensure you have everything to make it a creative, technical and financial success.
Our staff share the highest level of committment to broadcasting. Whether you're putting in a new system, integrating with automation, or training operators, we're all on the same team. If you should ever run into problems, being able to get immediate help from people who care, as opposed to a remote and impersonal call center, can be a real life saver.


HD/SD Switchable Graphics Production Systems

Clarity� is a family of graphics products designed for News, Sports, Studio, Mobile, Stadium and Religious applications. The easy to use Clarity user interface is operator friendly for template creation and live operation in pressured environments. Clarity has a full range of models and options to match varied budgets, from a simple 1RU standard definition system right up to dual channel systems with multiple clip players and real-time 3D animation. Clarity HD/SD is the ultimate creative tool for preparation and QC of graphics for the LogoVision range of graphics playout devices and the BrandMaster range of master control branding switchers. Where real-time preview and playout is not a requirement the Pixel Prep range of software only production tools may be used to prepare graphics for Clarity, LogoVision or BrandMaster. read more


Master Control Switchers with Integrated Branding

BrandMaster�is the world�s first family of Branding Switchers� that seamlessly integrates a complete master control switcher with broadcast graphics for channel branding. BrandMaster injects sophisticated graphics capability for branding where it belongs � directly at the point of transmission � while simultaneously reducing the complexity of the signal path and streamlining the channel branding process. Recognizing the need to match budget and graphics requirements for a range of channels, BrandMaster is available in three different versions. read more


Dedicated Channel Branding Systems

LogoVision� is a family of branding and graphics playout devices designed for 24/7 operation in a transmission environment.The internal 10-bit downstream keyer has software watchdog and power fail bypass to protect the on-air signal and redundant power supplies are standard on most models.LogoVision is easily deployed for single or multi-channel environments and supports both standard and high definition video formats.Recognizing the need to match budget and graphics requirements for a range of channels, LogoVision is available in three different versions. read more


Scalable Channel Playout Solution

ChannelMaster� is a fully integrated playout solution that frees broadcasters from the compromises of existing "channel in a box" solutions.ChannelMaster incorporates all the functionality to deliver a channel to air but with playout capabilities that reach far beyond what is currently possible in a single device.With the benefits of no automation lock-in: it can integrate with any automation and MAM system by way of an open XML protocol or legacy industry standard protocols providing a level of flexibility not previously seen.Alternatively it can be controlled by Pixel Power's new Gallium scheduling, asset management and automation solution. read more