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Thomson Reuters is the world�s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals.
We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers in the financial, legal, tax and accounting, healthcare, science and media markets, powered by the world�s most trusted news organization.

Reuters serves print, broadcast and online newsrooms with indispensable source material and ready-to-publish stories in 20 languages. Our text newswires are ideal for publishers requiring instant coverage of global news and events along with feature stories, analysis and essential news planning tools. read more

Our compelling video reports for broadcasters and online news media can be accessed by geographic focus, news category and topic area. We cover world events with dedicated teams around the globe who capture, edit and deliver top quality video content. read more

Reuters captures events that shape the world. Our award-winning photojournalists distribute up to 1,700 pictures each day covering news, sports, features, entertainment and business. read more

Our prioritized, dynamically updated and ready-to-publish online news packages, online videos and online pictures help your readers be first to receive each day�s most important news. read more

Reuters news graphics enhance information and capture attention. We provide a visual analysis of top world news events in the form of news and information graphics, economic and financial charts, along with sports, technical, scientific and environmental graphics. read more

Reuters financial information services are a powerful source of real-time and historical financial news and data. Features include access to streaming quotes, domestic news services, broker research, company fundamentals, charting tools and a global news archive. read more