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Our Services

No.1 Content Acquisition

  • Multi Media Content from Reuters
  • Newswire
  • Broadcast video
  • Graphics
  • Syndication news Solutions for Newspapers, TV Channels,  Websites, Mobile Value addition services

No.2 Content Aggregation

  • BMC news Express
  • Our commitment to NEWSMLG2
  • RSS feed aggregator
  • Compatible with News Suite server
  • Can pick stories from FTP server, Internet and Emails
  • Transtel news Manager

No.3 Content Management

  • Our development team
  • WCMS
  • Social networking Website Content Management.
  • Newspaper Work Flow content management
  • Broadcast work flow content management
  • Enterprise wide customer and counterparty relationship  management
  • Document management solution
  • Sales and product content management solution

No.4 Market Intelligence

  • Compare Pakistan
  • Pakistan interest rate comparison
  • Pakistan insurance comparison.
  • Corporate action data
  • Annual reports
  • Key financial result pages
  • Monthly 50 stock betas
  • Correlation studies
  • Consensus estimates

No.5 Content Monitoring

  • Transtel video capture and audio capture�� please also post  some case studies
  • Web monitoring and research

No.6 Content Distribution

  • Mobile distribution
  • Video distribution
  • E-newspapers