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Transtel Communications Limited is an independent UK based company specialising in the design, development and implementation of computer based news and media gathering, distribution and management systems. We have been suppliers to the international news industry for over 30 years and have built up a reputation as the premier supplier of quality professional news management systems.

Front Desk
The core of the management application, the FrontDesk client application allows users to define news groups, automatically collect news items based on IPTC/ANPA fields e.g. Keyword, SLUG, Headline, Priority, Full body text. read more

Web Desk
OThe web application has most of the functionality of FrontDesk but with more flexibility. It is ideal for Apple Mac users and for those who wish to work when away from the office. read more

Run Desk
A valuable part of its NewsManager suite that allows the broadcast rendition of the news story to be built into a Playlist or running Order.Until now, getting the news story to the broadcast studio has been straightforward, but sending a different rendition of the same story to a web site, or SMS server in an immediately usable form has been a difficult, if not an impossible, challenge.Transtel solves that problem.For news organisations creating one story and repurposing it for different channels the News Manager suite provides great value for money. read more

Capture Desk
The latest version, 1.5 supports flash streaming of the captured broadcast, allowing users to rewind, FF, edit and paste portions of the broadcast WHILE IT IS STREAMING.It is possible to cut out, transcribe, and publish a section of a news bulletin before the bulletin has finished broadcasting. read more

10 years ago, 90% of news consumed came from the large news agencies. That figure is much lower today and News sources for many people include blog sites, eMail, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Google and others. The standards used to move these news types include IPTC standards, hNews, Atom based standards, SMTP, RSS and MRSS. News Manager can handle these standards, allowing the user to receive just about anything, and publish news in whatever suits.. read more

What is the status of a story? Can I see what a journalist has done so far? Where is it in our production phase?
s News Manager has a user definable workflow, with colour coded status, lockable stories that can be read, and a permissioning function that allows the editors to define who can create stories, view them, publish them, share them, and have this workflow defined differently for each publishing channel. read more